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    IT Transformation
    Global Capabilities
    Businesses must constantly evolve to drive performance,
    innovation, profitability and competitive advantage.
    Key to this is an agile, high-performance and secure IT infrastructure.
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    High Performance Delivered
    Your Business works with Technology
    Because technology is transforming every organization
    you need technology-enabled strategy to take advantage of the opportunities.
    The Gartner Execution Model (GEM) provides a framework, toolkits and use case examples that can help CIOs realize their strategy.

Supply Chain, Logistics, Fleet Outsourcing & Project Management

“If you fail to plan, you are sure planning to fail."

You know it’s is not just a popular saying, but a fact.

Strategic planning and proper management is a requisite for the success of any project. And that’s why Kovenco has made project management a core practice.

Taking pride in being a reliable, accredited and professional business consulting and management firm, we provide tailor made project management services to our clients in Canada and across the USA. Through effective project management solutions, we help individuals and corporations get complete control over their business operations while boosting performance, efficiency and ROI.

Business are different and are their operations, goals and requirements. So we have established a wide range of service offerings to make sure no clients returns unsatisfied and helpless.

  • * Business process optimisation
  • * Business technology support
  • * Manufacturing control
  • * Product development
  • * Quality maintenance and regulation
  • * Supply change management

Besides, we can tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs and wants and create a bespoke project management solution for your business.

How you can benefit from Kovenco Project Management Solutions

  • * A systematic, proprietary approach and a robust leadership from start to finish
  • * Detailed tracking of time and budget
  • * Regular communication and consistent reporting with regular status updates
  • * Focused risk and issue management
  • * Established commitment and accountability
  • * Application of valuable knowledge and experience gained from diverse projects and industries.
  • * Reliable customer care service and support, every step of the way
  • * Learn about the pros and cons of insourced versus outsourced fleet management
  • * Transportation Management - Our non-asset based solutions provide customized third-party logistics services to all of North America
  • * Dedicated Fleet Management Services - We work with the country’s largest provider of outsourced fleet services, supplying dedicated equipment and human capital to small and large firms
  • * The Fleet Outsourcing Evaluation Guide provides an objective viewpoint on the advantages and disadvantages of insourced versus outsourced truck fleet management

Latest News

Outsourcer Capita snaps up Solid State Solutions for undisclosed wonga

Outsourcing giant Capita has gobbled up Basingstoke storage company Solid State Solutions (S3) for an undisclosed sum. The £22m turnover business will sit within Capita's IT Enterprise Services tech biz. Read More...

Internet governance group pushes on without, er, internet organizations

The controversial internet governance group NetMundial has rejected calls to delay the creation of its "coordination council" – and launched without the support of the technical community nor the International Chamber of Commerce. Read More...

Oracle snaps up Facebook data slurper Datalogix

Oracle has snapped up data slurping company Datalogix - an oufit best known for collecting info from retailers and sharing it with Facebook. Read More...

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