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    Technology Solutions
    that your business needs
    The worlds leading it technology outsourcing company
    We are one of the world’s leading organizations providing consulting, technology and outsourcing services
    with employees; offices and operations in more than 70 cities in 57 countries globally;
    Kovenco is commited to dealing with some of the worlds toughest challenges.
    Our three growth platforms include —Kovenco Outsourcing, Kovenco Technology, Kovenco Operations.
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    High Performance Delivered
    Your business works with Technology
    Strategy gives you direction. Technology leads the way
    We added technology to strategy.You get the multiplier

Cloud Focus

As the personal cloud rises in importance, IT organizations will find current approaches to dealing with users will fail. Read More

Strategic Technology Trend

Leading cloud services organizations have been experimenting with new ways to deliver IT services. Read More

Mobile Blueprint Ready

IT leaders supporting e-commerce should incorporate the five attributes of successful mobile apps. Read More

Rise of Smart Machines

IT leaders need to aggressively examine and act on the promise, threat and effects of smart machines. Read More

Growth & Innovation

Digital technologies — mobile, social, big data and cloud — are disrupting businesses everywhere Read More

Big Data

Through 2021, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will be unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage Read More

Technology Updates

Kovenco is commited to providing clients real-time updates via the Vella online portal interfacing with clients needs. Read More

Help & Support

Kovenco is commited to helping clients through every stage of their infrastructure investment. Read More

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Client Showcase Salesforce

This is Our Latest Work

GE started by using Salesforce to connect with commercial customers and manage opportunities. "Salesforce connected salespeople".
At first the division saw Salesforce simply as a way to give everyone access to customer data.
But it was the collaboration it enabled that changed the day-to-day business.
Kovenco delivered the infrastructure and connected the sales and marketing people.

We Make a Diiference

Our Technology Driving Your Business

Kovenco Operations ignites essential processes, illuminating new pathways to customers, markets and sustained growth. Process Excellence, Accelerate innovation and speed to market.
Welcome to the business revolution Technology Business Process Excellence. Leading cloud technology. Intelligent infrastructure for Kovenco Operations.

Cloud Computing

Kovenco can be your Cloud Builder so you get the solution that delivers total control.

Seamless Integration
Cloud Maturity Model
Cloud Design Touchpoint
Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has moved to the very top of the IT agenda with the advent of mobile first.

Workplace Platforms
User Devices
Supply Chain

Kovenco's Supply Chain Solutions help organisations consolidate and automate.

Visibility and Control
Agile Supply Chain
Cloud Design Touchpoint

Despite being at the core of every organisation, data remains locked in operational silos.

Fully-optimised datacenter
Solutions as unique as your business
Resilient Design
IT Services
Project Management
Enterprise Mobility
Data Center Services
Supply Chain Services