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    IT Transformation
    Global Capabilities
    Businesses must constantly evolve to drive performance,
    innovation, profitability and competitive advantage.
    Key to this is an agile, high-performance and secure IT infrastructure.
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    High Performance Delivered
    Your Business works with Technology
    Because technology is transforming every organization
    you need technology-enabled strategy to take advantage of the opportunities.
    The Gartner Execution Model (GEM) provides a framework, toolkits and use case examples that can help CIOs realize their strategy.

Application Development Services - UK, USA, Canada

Building Applications that Build Businesses

Web and mobile applications have become an inevitable asset for businesses deliver seamless user experiences and grow fast regardless of their industry.

Kovenco helps you create the most innovative and fastest ones.

With a team of highly competent application developers, we craft spectacular applications that serve as an effective means to achieve the most challenging of business goals.

The thinking, the strategy, the process, the implementation and not to forget, the right resources; we have got all that is needed to develop business-transforming applications. Thousands of happy clients and persistent businesses around Canada, UK and USA area a testament to our application development capabilities and support.

How Can You Benefit from Our Application Development Service?


We work on a wide range of application screens on a daily basis and have delivered to hundreds of businesses. We can absolutely tell what applications can benefit your business and how.

We’re sure you would be interested in a free consultation. Aren’t you?


We don’t hesitate at all to claim that we have some of the most qualified UX and UI designers who are used to coming up with unique yet user friendly application designs every time they get their hands on their design tool.

Don’t you want one to represent your business optimally?


Simply put, we don’t deploy programming professionals but individuals who are obsessed with everything programming and application. Their incessant passion for programming drives these people to not just create mere applications but masterpieces.

Your masterpiece, is a call away!


At Kovenco, your development project with us might end after a period of time but cooperation never does. Our technical support continues even after the end of your project as long as you’re associated with us.

We are ready to get started, are you?

Latest News

Outsourcer Capita snaps up Solid State Solutions for undisclosed wonga

Outsourcing giant Capita has gobbled up Basingstoke storage company Solid State Solutions (S3) for an undisclosed sum. The £22m turnover business will sit within Capita's IT Enterprise Services tech biz. Read More...

Internet governance group pushes on without, er, internet organizations

The controversial internet governance group NetMundial has rejected calls to delay the creation of its "coordination council" – and launched without the support of the technical community nor the International Chamber of Commerce. Read More...

Oracle snaps up Facebook data slurper Datalogix

Oracle has snapped up data slurping company Datalogix - an oufit best known for collecting info from retailers and sharing it with Facebook. Read More...

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